The USA Education System

The American Education System is unlike many other countries in the world because education is mainly the responsibility of the state and the local government. The American education system is considered one of the best education system in the world because it produces wholesome graduates who go on to make a real difference in the society.

The United States has a highly decentralized system of education. As such, the curriculum is not standardized because the individual states have great control over what things are taught in schools and over academic standards each student should meet before progressing to the next level. Hence, there is a huge variation in terms of courses, subjects, funding and many other activities. However, there are some things common such as the division of the education system into three levels: primary education, secondary education and higher education. So, it is important to familiarize yourself with your state’s education policy.

Generally, formal schooling lasts for 12 years, until one attains age 18 but mandatory schooling lasts until age 16 in most states. The other remains states require students to study until age 17 or 18.

Public schools in the US are free but those who choose to attend private schools are required to pay tuition fees. The type of school you choose depends on what type of education you would like to gove your child. For instance, most wealthy families take their children to private schools because they believe that is where quality education can be found.


This is the common structure in most states:

  • Elementary education last for 5 years and is commonly referred to as K-5. Most children enter elementary school at the age of 6
  • Middle school last for 3 years and high school last 4 years.

Children can begin their education by attending pre-school/kindergarten from ages 2 to 4. The government does not fund education at this level. At the pre-school level, children learn the alphabet, elementary basics, colours, and other fun learning activities.

It is worth noting that children at the elementary level spend most of their time in one classroom with one teacher. But when they progress to middle school, they move from one class to another each period with a new mixture of students and new teacher. Here students are free to select from a wide range of academic subjects as well as elective classes. From there, students move to high school where there is even greater variety of subjects to choose from than before.

In order to graduate with a high school diploma, students must have attained a certain number of credits. Unlike other countries, there are no final examinations.


When students complete their high school, they are expected to join college to pursue a career of their choice. Different colleges offer different course. Make use of the best gpa calculator to find which collage accepts your GPA level.

IT (Information Technology)

In the United States, Technology is the most recent subject which standards were developed. Technology was approved in 2000 and it is now taught all American schools.

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Know More About Employee Benefits

If you’re a boss of a company or an employee, you should read about some if not all of the benefits of employees around the world so that you would know what things workers may be entitled to. Of course, not all employee benefits are offered all companies worldwide. For you to know some of the things that could improve your company, you should know about these things. Also, if you’re a staff member of a business institution, you should read about these because of the fact that these could let you know whether or not you’re getting less than what you should be getting. Although the government might compel companies to give certain employee benefits, not all perks have to be given. The sole purpose of these perks is to increase the so called economic security of staff members of a workplace and also improve employee preservation in the process. To know some, please search things online like employee benefit services information or continue reading.

Some if not all governments mostly force organizations that have workers to provide employees with insurance and retirement plans. With these things, a staff member would be able to make sure that he or she would have protection and assistance for whatever problem may arise with his or her life. Also, because of these perks, an employer would able to retain his or her workers and make his or her business better. Most governments require companies to provide health insurance and retirement plans. Basically, it may be that organizations would have to shoulder their employees’ perk expenses. To know what every company in your place should give their workers, you could try to ask your government’s department of labor and employment about it.

Of course, if you’re a boss and you really want to make sure that you retain the people who are working for you, it is important that you give your workers more benefits that what are normally given by companies in general. For one, you could grant your employee time off from work when they’re sick. You could give them the privilege to apply for sick leave. With this, you would still have to pay an employee even if he or she won’t be able to work for a day or more. With this type of benefit, you would be able to show your worker that you care for them and that you’re willing to give them some time to rest in order for them to recover from their illness.

If you’re employee is living on a remote area but you really need to make sure that he or she works for you, for the perks, it’s best that you provide him or her with money for transportation and communication. With these benefits, you could show to a staff member that he or she is someone who is really needed. To make sure that the money that you’d give out would go to where it should, you could ask for receipts or proof of payments.